A Siberian Adventure

June 6, 2006

The postcard arrived, Edna Manglob was in Siberia.  I laughed to myself.  Edna, that back stabbing, shameless gossip had been sent for a year to Siberia in a teacher’s exchange program.  When I asked her to fill out the grant application I didn’t mention Siberia, I only spoke of the glory of being chosen as the international exchange teacher of the year.  I spoke of the honor and the opportunity to teach others to be more like her, which was an undeniable draw to an egotist like her.  I left out the snow, the Chernobyl poisoned water and the lack of anyone for miles that spoke English.  I left out the lack of edible food, the lack of telephones and the fact that she would share a two room apartment with a host family of three grandparents, two parents and five children (two under the age of 20 months). 


That’s what Edna gets for spreading lies about me and trying to steal my job.  Her postcard said, “I didn’t realize I was going to Russia until I saw my plane ticket.  Maybe you should have mentioned this?  The first 16 hours on board was okay, but the last 8 hours in the rickety plane usually used for pesticide spreading was not.  The host family has no shower and no bathtub.  None of my clothes are warm enough.  Will you send some micro-fleece?  Regards, Edna.”


Sure, I’d send some micro-fleece, but it was going to be a size or two small for her, by accident of, course. 


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